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Street Naming and Numbering

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Symphony SNN - Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps


Symphony SNN has been designed with simplicity at its core. It is simple to use and in setting it up, there are 3 easy steps.



Turning your Procedures into Steps


Whether your current system of street naming and numbering involves paper, spreadsheets or database, what you will have are procedures i.e. a method by which you get from the beginning to the end of the SNN process.


Symphony SNN has been designed to be completely customisable so whatever method you currently use, Symphony SNN can be configured to follow that same methodology.


You simply take your own unique method (the one that works for you) and configure Symphony SNN to mirror this via its steps.


You can create all these steps from scratch, or if you prefer, you can work from or edit the steps that come automatically loaded into Symphony SNN.


SNN Step List

Step List in Symphony SNN listing the order of the steps, the step names, the number of days to complete and number of consultants involved



Add your Contacts


One of the key benefits of Symphony SNN is its intuitive, centralised contact management system. Everyone involved in the SNN process can be added for easy retrieval whenever required.


Rather than just a silo of contact details, Symphony SNN allows for the inclusion of additional information such as contact type e.g. SNN Officer, Applicant, Notifier, plus you can also include the preferred method of contact e.g. post, email or telephone.


Elements of Symphony SNN will link directly to this contact list, calling the relevant information when required e.g. addresses for letters, contacts for new case.



Creating a new contact in Symphony SNN


Create your Templates


The sheer volume of communication you need to send out in the SNN process makes the creation of templates one of the most time saving benefits found in Symphony SNN.


All your templates are fully customisable in both content and style, and are linked to the contact manager.


Where you might have previously been typing individual letters to people and organisations requiring notifications, you can now just select the template, select the recipient and Symphony SNN will do the rest.


Your templates can be linked to the various steps involved in the SNN process, so once you reach a particular step, your communication can be automatically created from the templates assigned.





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Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) - Getting Started