Emergency Services: AddressBase Premium gazetteer

AddressBase Premium gazetteer

More than half GB’s emergency services are using our feature rich AddressBase Premium gazetteer, Bluelight, to drive efficiencies, reduce response times and therefore save more lives.

Our AddressBase Premium gazetteer is the most functionally rich and advanced gazetteer available, allowing you to store officially recognised British Standard BS7666 address data centrally, while sharing data across the whole organisation. Using the Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) as the address anchors means addresses can be verified as the one true address, whatever system you’re using. It can be combined with any of our software modules to provide the full gazetteer solution you need.

Adding local data

You can add any relevant physical feature or location that’s not recorded on the national AddressBase Premium dataset. Each feature/location is allocated a UPRN and is only accessible by the emergency service. These are often locations where crime, fire or accidents occur but are not related to a specific commercial or residential building, such as land, natural or man-made features, or street junctions, roads and paths.

Seamless integration

We continually work with the major suppliers of emergency services operational systems to ensure a seamless integration with our AddressBase Premium gazetteer. All the resulting automated processes reduce the need for manual intervention, and therefore duplication of effort, saving time and money.

Recording and sharing location and spatial data

Using the Xtended Data Manager (XDM), emergency services can record any location specific information against any British Standard BS7666 address, such as known risk factors, vulnerability of residents or spatial boundary information specific to the emergency service.

Our data engine, Location Manager will organise all your location and spatial data from all the different systems and publish tailored versions of this in any format to any user. Location data could include risks, while spatial data may be administrative areas, flood zones, no-go areas or specific risk zones which are usually published as map files. Both the location and spatial data can then be visualised on a smart device in augmented reality through our AR app.

Enhanced business data

As businesses come and go at a fairly fast rate, we can merge the commercial data on the gazetteer with business names data supplied by 118 Information. This data is extensively tracked by 118 Information, saving emergency services resources and time. This enhancement will help optimise response times when called to incidents at commercial premises.

On site or in the cloud

You can either subscribe to our AddressBase Premium gazetteer to manage and maintain in-house yourself, or we can do all of that for you as a hosted cloud based solution, saving you infrastructure and maintenance costs.

AddressBase Premium gazetteer for emergency services infogram

Depending on your needs, you can either subscribe to the core product alone, the full suite for addressbase premium gazetteer, or anything in between.

Modules for supercharging the gazetteer:

to find out how we can craft the perfect AddressBase Premium gazetteer for your emergency service.