Emergency Services: Location based augmented reality

Location based augmented reality

Being able to visualise location based data can hasten the understanding of the immediate environment, making it quicker to make informed decisions when going into an incident.

Our cutting-edge, location based augmented reality application (Symphony AR) provides real-time data relevant to your current location and circumstance, both visually and in augmented reality (AR). This is represented as AR markers superimposed over the view seen through the camera on a smartphone, tablet or smart glasses. Visualising data against the physical world in this way creates a vast range of benefits from better safeguarding front-line staff, to helping visitors navigate a town or festival to providing visual access to any geospatial data.

Location intelligence at a glance

Our location based augmented reality app can interpret the data you want to be visually represented as AR markers, such as any risk data. This may include known presence of firearms or a dangerous dog, or the close proximity of a firework factory. By interacting with the image you can glean more information on the specific location or risk. For context, the range of the view can also be seen on this screen.

Viewing the wider scene

At the click of a button, you can switch from an augmented reality view to a traditional 2D map that still visualises your specific data with the same markers over a wider area. The boundary awareness view will show an even broader overview of a defined area and can be beneficial for displaying environmental factors such as flood risk areas or high threat areas.

Virtual tours through 3D modelling

The 3D model feature can be used to virtually recce any building prior to going in. By being able to zoom in and pan round to any specific points within a building, eg a tower block of flats, front-line staff will be better prepared as they go in.

This is an example of a 3D model of Pinewood Studios:


Wikitude technology

We work with Wikitude as our AR technology provider. Their technology has proved powerful and versatile, and has made spatial based augmented reality easy to implement. We have worked with Wikitude to deliver the augmented reality features of our AR apps for the Woking Food and Drink Festival 2019Mapping Festival 2018Stamford Georgian Festival and Gazetteers @ GIS Day.

Download the pdf for Woking Food and Drink Festival App – Wikitude AR Showcase


Easy to implement and manage in-house, this location based augmented reality app provides a quick way of visualising and sharing your own data, promoting cost- and time-efficiency, as well as better safeguarding of the public and staff.

Location based augmented reality infogram

Depending on your needs, you can either subscribe to the core product alone, the full suite for location based augmented reality, or anything in between.

Modules for enabling location based augmented reality:

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