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Pinpoint Address app for pinpoint accuracy

Address search app for pinpoint accuracy

New to the market, our address search app, Pinpoint Address, will provide accurate, up-to-date addresses every time from your mobile phone. Unlike the ambiguity of using postcodes, Pinpoint Address will take you to the specific doorstep of the address you require, saving time and minimising frustration.

Using Ordnance Survey’s new product AddressBase Core as the dataset, the app searches against the 33 million current British Standard BS7666 addresses. Fast and resilient, the predictive search will pull in all relevant addresses in order of your proximity to them, using the UPRNs and geo coordinates to verify accuracy.

Once you’ve identified the address you want, just tap on it and select the navigation system you want to direct you to the exact location.

This is the ultimate tool for any organisation sending staff out into the field.

‘Fantastic app. The best there is to be honest,’ Luke Parker, Pinpoint Address beta trial driver. ‘I’d say it saved me around 60 minutes a day.’

The first iteration of the app is available for Android phones on the Google Play store. We expect our Apple version to be available in the autumn.

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