Large Corporates: AddressBase Premium customer address data management

AddressBase Premium customer address data management

With millions of address changes every 6 weeks (GeoPlace), it’s critical to maintain your accurate data once you’ve matched and cleansed.

Powerful and easy to use, our AddressBase Premium customer address data management solution will enable you to store your clean, officially recognised British Standard BS7666 address data centrally, while being able to share across all departments within the organisation – be it fraud detection, logistics or lettings etc. Using the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) as the address anchor, you can link your differing systems, promoting greater cohesion as well as efficiency.

Our solution is abundant with automated processes reducing the need for manual intervention, and therefore duplication of effort, saving time and money. We’ve been providing these solutions for more than 25 years so we’re well versed in integrating our software seamlessly with any other operational system you may be using.

Recording and sharing location and spatial data

Using the Xtended Data Manager (XDM), you can record any location specific information against any British Standard BS7666 address, such as historical insurance claims, ownership by rogue landlords, specific delivery instructions or any spatial boundary information specific to the company.

Our data engine, Location Manager will organise all your location and spatial data from all the different systems and publish tailored versions of this in any format to any user.

Enhanced business data

As businesses come and go at a fairly fast rate, we can merge the commercial data on the customer address management solution with business names data supplied by 118 Information. This data is extensively tracked by 118 Information, saving you resources and time. This enhancement will help maximise the delivery of goods and services to commercial premises.

On site or in the cloud

You can either subscribe to our AddressBase Premium customer address data management solution to manage and maintain in-house yourself, or we can do all of that for you as a hosted cloud based solution, saving you infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Address searching and management for organisations infogram

Depending on your needs, you can either subscribe to the core product alone, the full suite for address searching and management for organisations, or anything in between.

Modules for supercharging the solution:

to find out how we can craft the perfect address search and management for your organisation.

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