Local Authorities: Local Street Gazetteer (LSG)

Local Street Gazetteer (LSG)

Maintaining streets and Elementary Street Units

Our LSG gazetteer solution (iManage) is the most functionally rich and advanced available, enabling you to create and maintain the streets and their geometry within your area in the British Standard BS7666, complete with the Unique Street Reference Number (USRN), and the individual street segments or Elementary Street Units. You can also add any additional street data you may need to record. Abundant with time-saving, automation features, it’ll increase efficiency as well as accuracy.

Updates can be scheduled to share with the national hub, GeoPlace, as well as other important operational systems and staff across the council such as planning and highways. (iExchange).

Our LSG gazetteer solution allows you to create and maintain streets and their descriptors. This includes the creation, splitting and merging of Elementary Street Units (ESUs).

Additional street data

You can upload additional street data to the gazetteer, such as the adopting authority, interested organisations, maintenance agreements, special designation, height and width restrictions, direction of travel and other attributes specified by National Street Gazetteer standards.

Seamless integration

We continually work with the major suppliers of local authority operational systems to ensure a seamless integration with our LSG gazetteer. All the resulting automated processes reduce the need for manual intervention, and therefore duplication of effort, saving time and money.

Publishing location and spatial data

Our data engine, Location Manager, will organise the location and spatial data from all your different systems and publish this in any format to any user. The type of spatial data could include administrative areas, flood zones, no-go areas or specific demographic belts and are mostly published as map files.

On site or in the cloud

You can either subscribe to our LSG gazetteer to manage and maintain in-house yourself, or we can do all of that for you as a hosted cloud based solution, saving you infrastructure and maintenance costs.

LSG infogram

Depending on your needs, you can either subscribe to the core product alone, the full suite for the LSG gazetteer, or anything in between.

Modules for supercharging the gazetteer:

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