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Address search

Searching for an address from your operational system or a browser needs to be fast, accurate and reliable, because when it’s not, it costs time and money. Our new address search solution, Symphony Search, uses state-of-the-art technology, REST web services, making it fast, scalable and secure.

It can also be used to ensure the recording of an address within a business transaction is accurate, eg an invoice request or an order for delivery, provided your master address source is cleansed and held in the British Standard BS7666.

Address search solution using AddressBase Core

Symphony Search Core is our simpler, lower cost solution for SMEs only interested in accurate current address data, ie, it won’t search against any historic/alternative addresses.

Using Ordnance Survey’s new product AddressBase Core, this solution searches against 33 million British Standard BS7666 addresses, excluding objects without postal addresses (OWPAs) such as ponds or electricity sub stations. With any search it will provide the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) underpinning the address, as well as geo coordinates to use in a Geographic Information System (GIS).

As the solution is hosted, the weekly AddressBase Core updates will occur seamlessly, providing you with a continual accurate address search solution free of any import tasks.

This solution is perfect for any organisation that just wants quick, accurate address search capability without the cost of unnecessary complex data, such as delivery companies, estate agents or e-commerce companies.

Sub-second performance

The address search solution will search across any element of a British Standard BS7666 address, so your staff and/or third party operational systems can perform sub-second, predictive searches across the whole of GB.

Resilient and secure

Searches are driven across three or more servers (as opposed to the standard one), so it’s highly resilient and scalable, enabling ultra-rapid searching for mass users running hundreds of searches per second. It’s also highly secure using the most innovative and sophisticated technology for preventing hacking, audit tracking of searches and denial of service attacks.


Address search from your mobile

We have now released our new address search app, Pinpoint Address. This draws on the technology used for our Symphony Search solution, but uses the simpler, lower cost AddressBase Core for its dataset. The predictive search will pull in all relevant addresses in order of your proximity to them, using the UPRNs and geo coordinates to verify accuracy. Just tap on the correct address, and then select the navigation system you want to direct you to the exact location.

This is currently available on Android from the Google Play Store. The Apple version will be available in the autumn.

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