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Bluelight iExchange enables users in the Emergency services and Private Sector to export their AddressBase gazetteer data into their organisation’s front and back office systems.

Significant Benefits

Significant Benefits

Any organisation who wishes to use address data will benefit hugely from being able to centralise that data and share it across all systems and users. We created Bluelight iExchange to be the simplest and most intuitive way of allowing you to share address data to different ‘recipients’ (other computer Systems or individual users), including AddressBase Data exports.  Regardless what third party systems are in use within your organisation, Bluelight iExchange has the means by which to share address data automatically.

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Automatic Updates

Fundamental to Symphony Bluelight iExchange is that it ensures that all users are using the most up to date address data and that the process of updating those systems is completely automated.  The key to Bluelight iExchange’s success is the simple ‘set and forget’ functionality, which means once you have set up who receives what, and when they receive it, you don’t need to do anything more.

In addition to automatically updating your systems, it will also generate and send out notifications to the recipients, as well as giving access to a complete audit trail of those notifications.

3rd Party Integration

Bluelight iExchange is a flexible tool that isn’t tied in to any other software you use. Through its ability to export to and integrate with a wide range of third party systems, Bluelight iExchange can sit in the background and can be left to export your data to whichever systems you want, as regularly as you want.

If your system can import data, Bluelight iExchange can be used to update it.

Cost Effective Integration

Using Bluelight iExchange is one of the most cost effective ways of keeping disparate systems up to date with addresses because by default it is supplied with a number of pre-defined address transformation formats.  We do not charge you for each system that you link using Bluelight iExchange, so once you begin to create multiple recipients, your organisation will really start to see the costs saving benefits you can achieve.

Should a pre-defined address format not exist, you should speak with an Aligned Assets Account Manager to advise what options exist as we have several options available to assist your organisation.



Bluelight iExchange contains a range of features to enable users to receive tailored exports unique to their requirements, whether it’s a change only update to AddressBase Premium data, Local Only records or whether additional criteria is needed to filter the exports, the required control can be configured and then left to automatically update systems.

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Standard File Export

Bluelight iExchange has both AddressBase and DTF compliancy. By utilising these common data standards alongside the automatic exports, Bluelight iExchange creates an environment where all the data is compliant to your systems and national standards, saving time, money and reducing error.

Exporting of Local Only Records

As well as standard record files, Bluelight iExchange can be configured to export all local records you have created. This will ensure that whether nationally sourced or locally created, all systems will be using your data.

Add Criteria to Filter Export

In most instances Symphony Bluelight iExchange will be used to update your systems with the change only updates. However there are instances in which only certain types of address data will require export, or certain users will require only subsets of the data, for example if you are looking for properties which are residential only or where a property meets a certain set of conditions.

To facilitate this, Symphony Bluelight iExchange has various filter settings that enable full flexibility for data deployment by configuring the recipients to receive only the address data that they want.

Bluelight iExchange has a simple to use management application (Bluelight iExchange Manager), which allows recipients to be created and maintained with ease.  From within this application, you will be able to define the filter settings you wish to apply to each recipient that requires them.

Spatially Enabled - Using Boundaries

Spatially Enabled - Using Boundaries

Bluelight iExchange offers the ability to export records from a specific geographic area. If a recipient should only requires data from a specific area, such as a police beat, flood risk area or ward boundary, then Bluelight iExchange can be configured to export the data from that spatial area directly to that recipient.  Please note, this is a chargeable add on and not included as standard.

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The ability to export data from a specific spatial area is one of the features contained within Bluelight iExchange that can greatly enhance efficiency. Instead of one person or a team having to separate and distribute the required data from the original list, the Spatial Boundaries feature means that this process is completed automatically, leaving more time for other tasks to be completed. Once the Spatial Area is uploaded and configured, it will then run as regularly as required.

Using the Spatial Boundary when configuring a recipient will mean that address information will only be sent to that recipient where that property falls within that boundary area.  This is a powerful feature which is well suited to those who require filtering of properties based on a geography layer such as Ward, Parish or Station Area.

Please note, this is a chargeable add on and not included within the standard purchased product.



Address data is constantly changing and being updated. Bluelight iExchange is the perfect solution to make sure all systems and users receive the necessary updates at user defined scheduled times.

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Currently AddressBase is provided every 6 weeks in a supply referred to as an EPOCH.  This data supply will be provided to you as a set of CSV files and you will apply these against your centrally held data using the Bluelight Gazetteer.  Once applied, you will want to share that address data to all those with an interest in that data, and this is where Bluelight iExchange’s scheduling feature will be used.

Whether these address updates need to be sent hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or in a custom time frame, the Bluelight iExchange administrator can configure the scheduling depending on who is receiving the updates.

Once set, the updates will be locked into the schedule until changed, ensuring that each user has the most accurate, up to date data in their systems, enabling them to go about their work without the worry of incomplete or inaccurate data.



One of the most powerful aspects of Symphony Bluelight iExchange is its ability to ‘talk the language’ of other systems and because it is a fully configurable software solution, there is no limit to the systems it can be used to link to.

Currently, Bluelight iExchange is used to link to a vast array of systems from Civica, Capita, Niche and ESRI amongst others.

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Extensive research and design of the software has enabled Symphony Bluelight iExchange to be a very flexible tool with change only updates and the ability to export information to numerous systems for a variety of uses.

The following are just some of the systems currently being linked to using Bluelight iExchange.


Astrium MDT- A-Z
Hydra [Hydrant]
Capita Vision – Fortek v5
Vision – Fortek
Vision – Fortek v4
Command and Control
Intergraph iCAD [Fire and Police]
Remsdaq Resque 4i
Steria Storm

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