Address Management


Chances are your organisation uses addresses in many of its computer systems. From updating your LLPG, providing an address lookup on your website or storing an address in your accounting system, addresses can be of critical importance to your organisation. We provide the software that makes Address Management Simple.

For some organisations you need the ability to manage these addresses, UK Councils have a statutory duty to do so, but other organisations also need to manage addresses, such as the Emergency Services, Local and National Governments, Utilities and Insurance companies from around the world. No matter what service your business provides having access to accurate and current data will help you do things better.

Address Management allows your organisation to receive the very best address data available, hold it within a centralised structured format, manage property lifecyles and share that data with other users and systems. If you want to create additional address data in recognised industry standards you can do so too.

Address management is the process of not only using address data, but of building it and building upon it. Corporate gazetteer management is ensuring that this data is then shared across and used by an entire organisation.

Our Address Management Solutions are used extensively throughout the public sector as an on premise solution, but our hosted solutions are particularly well suited to the private sector.

We’ve developed our gazetteer solutions for Address Management over many years of working with Central and Local Government, along with all 3 of the Emergency services and a range of Private Organisations both inside and outside of the UK. This experience means we are uniquely placed to provide the exact solution for Address Management that you need, rather than an off the shelf product that may not fulfil all of your needs and thanks to our work around the globe, our Address Management solutions aren’t just limited to the United Kingdom.