Address Matching & Cleansing


Poor quality addresses within an organisation create major headaches and confusion, resulting in unnecessary wastage in billing, handling of customer enquiries, household visits or other operational activities.

Over the last 22 years, we have enabled our local authority, emergency services and water company customers to cleanse and match their address data to that in AddressBase Premium, achieving large efficiencies in the provision of council services, accurate billing and emergency response to the public.

Using sophisticated matching routines within our matching solution, iMatch, a user can take a list of addresses in any structured or unstructured format and cleanse it against a centralised address list, such as AddressBase Premium or your central gazetteer (provided it us up-to-date and accurate). The end result is an official address that complies with British Standard B7666, and therefore includes the nationally recognised Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) and geographic coordinates of that property.

Easy to use, our software can integrate with any other system being employed, resulting in synchronised, accurate and up-to-date address data being shared across the whole organisation. By using the automated processes and technology, the need for manual intervention, and therefore duplication of effort, is removed, saving time and money.

Cleansing and matching address data is essential for any organisation using addresses, and depending on your requirements, we can either provide our solution as a module within our corporate gazetteer, as a standalone product or as a service where we do the matching for you.

Contact us to find out which is the right solution for you.