As well as providing Solutions to create and manage your address data, Aligned Assets can also provide you with data as well.

The vast majority of business processes have an address component, so an accurate address will make those processes work far better.  Addresses are used for a wide variety of tasks, each of which can benefit from our address data solutions. On the simplest level, delivering products or services to a customer necessitates accurate addressing.  Millions of pounds are lost each year because of incorrect addresses.

For those organisations that deliver services, such as the utilities or telecoms, not only is the accuracy important, but also the advantage of knowing about an address before people have even moved in.

The addresses we’ve sourced, not only come from Local Government, Ordnance Survey and the Royal Mail in the form of the AddressBase Products, but we also offer a Business Names database. The business Names data provides an accurate list of Business Names in a climate where business trading turnover is high. This means services can be provided to that address as soon as they are requested, without the fear of the address data being out of date or inaccurate.

All of our address data is compatible with GIS systems enabling you to view it as a layer on a map which means the data can be viewed against any number of other geographic layers such as flood plains, crime statistics or council tax bands.