Hosted Address Management

Hosted solutions are becoming more popular due to the ability to drive efficiency and cost savings.

Whether you are an existing customer or an organisation that is looking to make use of AddressBase Premium, we offer all our solutions as on-premise or as a fully hosted service because by doing so we can best meet your requirements. We usually find people approach us for hosting solutions because they need to  Search, Match or Manage address data.

If you are new to our products or to AddressBase Premium data please feel free to follow some of the links below or if you prefer, contact us direct where we will clarify the solution that will work for you.  We also offer a Try before you buy trial so you can see for yourself the benefits our hosted solutions can bring to your organisation.

Our hosted solutions are available either direct or via G-Cloud 11 in partnership with Bramble Hub.


We can provide your organisation the ability to perform AddressBase Premium address searches through our SinglePoint software, which not only provides a slick and intuitive website for users to use, but includes a range of web services to allow you to integrate them into systems within your organisation.

For users of our Hosted Search solution:

  • You will have access to the full property lifecycle from planning permission to demolition.
  • We process the AddressBase Premium COU files (as provided by Ordnance survey) directly into our highly resilient cloud environment, meaning you will always have access to the most up-to-date data available and need not worry about processing the data yourselves.
  • Systems within your organisation can hook into the multiple web services we provide to enable simple postcode lookups on web forms, predictive single line searching or even spatial searching capabilities.

* (For local authorities who use LLPG management software not provided by us (Idox, Northgate or GGP) we can still offer you SinglePoint searching against your LLPG and/or AddressBase through our unique Blackbox and SinglePoint setup.)


If your organisation needs to match an address file to AddressBase data we can provide a fully hosted or semi-hosted setup that allows you to do so without the burden of handling AddressBase data files.

For users of our Hosted Match solution:

  • You might want to access our matching software (iMatch) as a complete hosted solution, either you are new to AddressBase Premium or perhaps you use another gazetteer management system for your data but you want to unleash the power of our matching software.
  • You can choose to have our matching software installed locally, but calling our cloud adapter (which references our Hosted Search solution above), so that you can match to AddressBase data, this is usually more relevant to existing users of iManage or Bluelight.


Your organisation may be placing an emphasis on moving to hosted solutions to avoid the need to provision for servers and desktop software which can be costly to purchase, maintain and support at an infrastructure level.  We provide our LLPG (iManage) and AddressBase (Bluelight) management software as a fully hosted solution.

Users of our hosted Manage solution benefit from

  • All Operating System, database and software upgrades are undertaken by Aligned Assets consultants and infrastructure specialists
  • All data backups and security patches are handled leaving your staff to focus on the more important tasks at hand
  • The system is constantly monitored by Aligned Assets support staff so in the case of changes these can be coordinated at a time that is convenient.
  • As a user of the Hosted solution, you will have the ability to work from any location where an internet access can be provided.

Our hosted solutions

  • Alleviate the need for high setup and maintenance costs when handling Address data.
  • Allow for access on a pro-rata basis ie monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Provide access to constantly updated and maintained LLPG or AddressBase Premium data.
  • High Availability 24/7 and uptime of 99.9%
  • Ensure your organisation makes use of the correct address and the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN).