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The UPRN ensures one true record for each address

What is the UPRN?

All local authorities in the UK have a statutory obligation to manage and maintain their address register to British Standard BS7666. That means every unit of land and property is allocated a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) and geographic coordinates, ensuring there is one true record for each address. When address changes are made, they are done so against the UPRN, enabling accuracy of address maintenance, as well as providing access to the full history of an address.

Each local authority submits their address register (including the UPRN) to the central hub, GeoPlace, who then collate the data into a national dataset referred to as AddressBase, the most accurate and comprehensive product being AddressBase Premium.

We are the market leading provider of software solutions to local government to help them maintain and share their address register. We also provide the market leading tools for emergency services, and other organisations, to access and share the AddressBase Premium dataset, helping them to drive efficiencies, and therefore save time and money.

Organisations accessing AddressBase Premium

Our AddressBase Premium solution is the most functionally rich and  advanced gazetteer available, allowing users to store officially recognised British Standard BS7666 address data centrally, while sharing data across the whole organisation. It can be combined with any of our software modules, such as matching and cleansing, address search or adding local data, to provide the full gazetteer solution that is right for you. Click through for more detailed info.

Members of the public needing their UPRN

To get a UPRN you need to contact the local authority responsible for maintaining that property’s address/UPRN in their address register. Ask to speak to the LLPG Custodian as they are the ones maintaining and managing the address register.

If you’re unsure which local council the property falls under, you can use the local council checker service. Do be aware, however, that in some cases your postcode may not have been allocated a local council yet or it may not exist in their system. Please note, it is most likely to be the local council, i.e. the borough council or district council that you need to contact as opposed to the county council.